What Cream Can You Put on New Tattoos?

Now, after having a new tattoo, all you need to do is to take a good care of it! Don’t assume that your tattoo designer will be in charge with this, it’s your matter now. If you don’t have the appropriate care, you will bear the consequence. It’s important to use the right lotion to heal the tattoo, if not a beautiful tattoo can turn into a disaster. In this article, we would like to introduce to you best lotions for tattoos, which will effectively help to heal your tattoo.


Firstly, it is said that petroleum jelly products are fine for tattoos after finish tattooing. However, it’s recommended by NYARTMAN that these are not the ideal products for tattoo healing or tattoo aftercare. Common lotions do help very little for the health of the owner’s skin. In fact, if you pay more attention, you will see that the main active ingredients in most lotions are petroleum jelly or silicone.

Don’t worry, they do not do harm to your skin yet they fill in the cracks created on your skin, making it feels moisturized and not rough anymore. Between a tattooed skin by itself and a skin with a standard lotion with silicone and petroleum jelly as the main ingredients, you will notice that the tattoo of the later appears shinier and smoother. It is thanks to the reflection from the silicone that has been fully filled in the skin cracks.

Secondly, the standard for the ideal lotion for your skin and tattoo is that it must have the actual moisturizing power. You can take Revita Body as our suggestions for your tattoo and skin. It uses hyaluronic acid as a humectant and moisturizer. These two ingredients do soften and somehow smooth the skin and also restocking your skin phospholipid at the same time. These ingredients are essentially found unsurprisingly in the skin and are well-matched with skin phospholipids.


You can also fancy for a unique product such as Tattoo Goo, Aquaphor or H2Ocean. H2Ocean makes a great line of products for tattoos and Aquaphor is a must-have, though many just say they work fine as other over the counter products. Keep using the product you choose for the next 3-5 days.

Thirdly, try to keep your skin clean, however, you can use lotion when it’s necessary instead of ointment in order to keep the skin soft. No matter what brand of lotion you pick, it’s dye and fragrance that matter.

Tattoo art is now more and more favored by young people all around the world. If you intend to own a beautiful, stunning tattoo, you should pay attention to a few basic things to take care of the new tattoo. Tattoo aftercare lotions are one of those which you should carefully take into consideration. For more tips, you should visit TattooParadise.